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Carrot Oil (Wholesale)

Carrot Oil (Wholesale)

Natural Carrot Oil is 100% Organic Oil for body and hair.
The benefits of carrot seed oil include anti-fungal, antibacterial qualities, due to the bioflavonoids it contains. 


Carrot oil is an ingredient in a natural sunscreen product and may offer some sun protection, as well as skin-repairing to dry and damaged skin. It is also considered as an excellent moisturizer for hair.


As we know, carrot has many nutrients which are good for hair like vitamins A & E. They are capable of promoting hair growth and can even prevent hair loss, which indirectly helps to retain the growth. Regular usage of carrot oil can strengthen your hair, stimulates hair growth, Improves blood circulation, strengthening of hair roots, prevents hair from environmental damages like sunlight, pollution etc.

Carrot has a powerful scent but when blended with other oils and diffused it has a warming, earthy almost spicy aroma.

* Cruelty free and vegan friendly
*Rich in antioxidants

  • Delivery in 15- 21 working days

  • Minimum Order

    24 Bottles

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